Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Breakthrough Institute, Breaking Through Environmentalism

    Have you heard of The Breakthrough Institute?

    From their website:

    "The Breakthrough Institute is a pioneering research institute changing how people think about energy and the environment. Breakthrough's mission is to accelerate the transition to a future where all the world's inhabitants can enjoy secure, free, prosperous, and fulfilling lives on an ecologically vibrant planet. Our core values are integrity, imagination, and audacity."

 This is a pro-growth, pro-nuclear power, pro-industrial agribusiness (pesticides and herbicides) and, of course, pro-GMO propaganda machine, aimed at Millennials, wearing the funny nose and glasses of a "think(sic) tank". Their chief propagandists are Michael Shellenberger and Ted Nordhaus, 2004 authors of "The Death of Environmentalism," and, more recently, the "Ecomodernist Manifesto."
    "Ecomodernism" is a post-modern deconstruction of environmentalism that posits a "decoupling" of human civilization and technology from the natural world, as opposed to changing human civilization to exist within natural limits of raw materials and natural geophysical cycles. It emphasizes advanced technology (nuclear, GMO, industrial agriculture) and ignores any negative impacts of these technologies on the natural world.

    It's a very dangerous, highly funded (from the nuclear and industrial agriculture industries) movement. They have "interns," that is, young, impressionable (read: ignorant) acolytes, who swallow and thoughtlessly repeat their blindered rhetoric, sounding like a faith-based religion rather than science.

    I've been following them on social media lately, and they are, almost without exception, rude and condescending to anyone who doesn't automatically accept their propaganda and bow down in obeisance to their received "wisdom." Shellenberger appears everywhere, spouting his vapid rhetoric, twisting what other people say, accusing anyone who criticizes his outpourings as "afraid of technology," "afraid of radioactivity," "antiquated," "obsolete," and, no doubt, suffering from the heartbreak of psoriasis.

    This is the new religion of of the god of technology. Though receiving opposition from many quarters, they blithely soldier on, employing money as a substitute for thought and analysis, utilizing social media to infiltrate the minds of the Millennial CPIs (Cell Phone Impaired). Nature abhors a vacuum, including the empty human brain, which is being filled with unreality, wishful thinking and outright lies.

    I'll be reporting on this disgusting trend as I follow along, barf bag in hand.