Monday, September 10, 2012

Comeuppance Time

When I contemplate the gross ignorance, unceasing apathy and general yokel stupidity that characterizes our modern culture, I am thankful for climate change culminating in the next ice age, Peak Oil, famine, disease and die-off that wait patiently around the corner.  

It’s time for Homo sapiens to take its rightful place in the biosphere, one among many species on equal terms with all the rest. The Great Return cannot begin too soon nor progress too swiftly.

All other species earn their keep in this web of life. Only Homo sapiens sits up at night to admire itself, demands special dispensation for its profligate ways, invents mythical gods and goddesses to forgive its sins against the rest of Life, and acts as if it is the only species on this Earth.

Comeuppance time is at hand. Nature suffers fools poorly. There's no free lunch, no excuses, no hall passes to go to the bathroom. 

Those that can will simplify, accommodate, learn to live within the Earth's means.

Those that can't, won't.

It's hard and it's fair.