Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Popping Pills for Satisfying Sex?

A recent article in The Santa Cruz Patch, Can Herbs Enhance Sex? promotes the use of herbs and drugs to enhance sexual experience, as part of a series of articles promoting the use of drugs.

When one has the attitude that nothing in life is good enough as it is, one is in a constant state of dissatisfaction, constantly searching for the next "peak" experience. It's a never ending struggle. "Enhanced" experience is never enhanced enough.
There is always some new drug that must be tried that is better than the last. There is always some new thrill that must be experienced in one's "bucket list."

Constant dissatisfaction expresses itself in the never-ending consumption of material objects: always looking for the best new car, the largest most well equipped house, the highest income from the most prestigious job, the latest fashions, the most popular TeeVee show. The vacation industry is based on dissatisfaction with where one lives and works, creating desires to travel to exotic places for new experiences, so much better than the mundane experiences at home. Advertising creates and feeds on dissatisfaction, the constant desire for new and "enhanced" experience. Dissatisfaction, in fact, creates the world we live in, the world rapidly becoming depleted of basic resources, its water and air polluted, the rich diversity of life depauperate, increasingly noisy, increasingly uncaring, increasingly dysfunctional.

Constant dissatisfaction has bred the "on demand society." Everything anyone could possibly want must be available immediately, on demand, right here, right now. Satisfying sex is not something that grows with practice among loving couples, it must be produced, immediately, from a bottle (and sold in the marketplace of dissatisfaction). Intelligence is not a result of study, work, research and paying attention to life, it is created, on demand, from a drug bought from your dorm mate.

The cure for dissatisfaction is not more but less. Sufficiency is a concept that has fallen out of favor in today's "enhanced" world. The word "enough" has almost disappeared out of the English language. "Good" has been sacrificed for "best." "Larger," "wider," "faster," "taller," more, more, more... the catchwords of advertising, have replaced the simplicity of "enough," "sufficient," "adequate" and, my favorite, "just right."

The cure for dissatisfaction is engagement in life. There are so many distractions in modern life, so many artificial mediations to everyday experience, from cell phones to computers to 3D movies, to further filter one's life experience through the haze of drugs is folly of the most limiting sort.
We are only alive for a brief moment, able to experience the incredible diversity of life for a few fleeting years. With so much very real experience available at every turn, it is a shame to ignore it and turn inward seeking something that isn't in our heads. Life is all around us, free for the seeking. 

I choose Life, in all its unenhanced glory.