Sunday, April 22, 2012

Is there an environmentalist in the house?

The Environmeddlers have arrived!

 Now available from Arana Gulch Press 

The Environmeddlers brings the world of environmental protest from monkey wrenching to the digital age. In this high-spirited adventure, Clovis, a reformed Sierra Club organizer, teams up with an animal rights advocate, an unrepentant defender of raw wilderness and a Taoist computer geek to make a difference in an uncaring world where industrial growth, pollution, and habitat destruction continue unchecked. 

Following a twisting path across the landscapes of the West, the tiny band encounters high-tech surveillance, an unexpected member of the security establishment, the overwhelming forces of Nature, and ultimately, their own individual passions and ideals.

"We need a new story, something that’ll capture the attention of people all over the country, people tired of the lies and petty drivel on TeeVee, tired of corrupt politicians, tired of dead end jobs and piles of bills for more and more things with less and less meaning.” -- The One-Eyed Cowboy

Michael A. Lewis Writes!

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