Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ode to the Edmund Fitzgerald

Lest anyone think that "EPIC" storms are a product of modern "global warming, note that the Edmund Fitzgerald sank 36 years ago, in an epic storm in its own right, a pretty common occurrence on the stormy Great Lakes.

Winter storms, even early winter storms, are the norm, not the exception. That's why we distinguish winter from other seasons, at least in most parts of the world (even though they get it backwards in the Southern Hemisphere.

Just as weather varies from year to year, climate varies from decade to decade, century to century, millennia to millennia. Variation is the norm, stability is the temporary exception.

As long as there are ships at sea, there will be shipwrecks, lost lives and widows. And as long as there is weather, there will be climate variation.

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