Thursday, November 17, 2011


Yes, the season continues to change. Yesterday the weather was sunny and warm, a splendid Fall day.

A lone walker enters the fog at the south end of Arana Gulch

 Today on Arana Gulch, thin tendrils of fog slipped silently among the oak leaves most of the day. There is a remarkable absence of birds about, very calm and still, all the normal sounds of the coastal prairie terrace are muted by the encompassing fog. Even the dogs and dog walkers are unusually still, wrapped in their own bit of mystery, carrying their quiet stories with them.

Arana Creek reflects the transition from fog to blue sky.

Down in the riparian habitat, Arana Creek slips softly among willow and looming eucalyptus. The rippling waters reflect a leaden sky, with wisps of blue around the edges. The reflective surface of the creek hides a world unseen by those restricted to open air. The wee creatures, plants and squirmy things that live in the creek look out in wonder at the empty spaces on the other side of the water surface. How could anything live out there with no water to breathe?

Willows give way to eucalyptus along the banks of Arana Creek.

Occasionally, a ray of sunshine breaks through, illuminating a lone willow, shining clear and golden bright against the darker forest backdrop. The fog thins, begins to lift, to pull back beyond the beach, where it waits patiently for its return in the dark of the night.

Two 8 to 12 foot wide paved bicycle routes across this fairy landscape would change the magical scene forever from one of calm mystery to the everyday world of whizzing metal, demanding deadlines, noise and distraction, the very things we come to Arana Gulch to escape.

Click here to go the Friends of Arana Gulch website and sign the petition to remove the Broadway-Brommer Bicycle Connection project from the Arana Gulch Master Plan.

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