Thursday, September 08, 2011

Fascism Wrapped in the Flag and Carrying a Cross

The Advent of the Surveillance Society lucidly explores the depths to which the United States government has stooped in changing a free and open society into a gilded fish bowl, surrounded by the peering eyes of authoritarian rule.

The central government is rapidly changing from a constitutional republic to a fascist corporate oligarchy, fascist in the technical sense of government support of capitalism, to the point of armed oppression, domestic and abroad.

The militarized police force takes the form, if not the identity, of the local arm of government oppression, all in the name of patriotism and security, in the process destroying that which made the United States a unique and exemplary form of representative government.

International relations have devolved into "do what we want or we'll bring democracy to your country." The United States government has become the bully in the world playground, pummeling into submission any country that dares to stand up to its demands. All resources are "United States interests" subject to US control and exclusive appropriation. Popular uprisings against despotic rulers are quickly overwhelmed by US force and bent to the will of the last remaining "superpower.

Topped off with overwheening domination by far-right, Christian Dominionists, the fate of the people of the United States is in the hands of religious and economic zealots, who are quickly bringing this country to its knees... perhaps the goal of the engineers of the corporate coup d'├ętat.

Fortunately, Mother Nature has other plans, spelled out clearly in Peak Oil and on-going climate change, human caused or natural. The days of central authority are numbered, as global rule requires unlimited energy supplies, unavailable in a world of finite resources.

As energy supplies diminish, control shifts from central authority to local anarchy, true democracy.

It's Natures way.

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