Monday, June 20, 2011

Responsible Bicyclists Unite

As a daily bicycle commuter of forty years experience, I am constantly frustrated by the behavior of many other bicyclists I see on my travels. Many are simply ignorant of the law, especially young people riding against traffic or on the sidewalk. Many ride bicycles as an expression of rebellion and individualistic freedom, a middle finger upthrust into the face of motoring society.

My greatest frustration is reserved for older experienced cyclists who are completely aware of the rules of the road and choose to ignore them. They exhibit an attitude of entitlement, as if riding a bicycle gives them dispensation over other vehicles, exempting them from stop signs, stop lights and rights of way. Many wear multi-colored bicycling togs, acting out their Lance Armstrong fantasies on our urban streets and highways on the light weight, expensive bicycles.

There is plenty of room for all vehicles in our community, as long as everyone observes the rules of the road and operates their vehicles with respect for all others. When a few choose to flout those rules and expect special treatment, it's no wonder that others speak out in anger and frustration.

It is up to responsible bicyclists to police our own bicycling community, with zero tolerance for illegal and unsafe bicycling behavior.

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