Sunday, March 13, 2011

Santa Cruz Tsunami Recovery Begins

Gray clouds and rain have settled over the Santa Cruz Harbor. Coast Guard and Harbor employees are beginning the process of hauling debris and sunken boats out of the water, while cleaning up toxic wastes spilled from capsized boats. Damage estimates are still around $15 million for harbor infrastructure and another $5 million in personal property losses.

The Coast Guard has taken command of the recovery and clean-up, with Command Posts in four places around the harbor.

One dock was almost completely destroyed, taking with it 10-12 boats. Other docks had parts ripped off, and suffered damage from being raised suddenly 5- 8 feet in the air, then dropped down onto the harbor floor. Many boats are now resting on the bottom. It will take some time before they can be raised and assessed for damages. The harbor has been closed to the general public all weekend.

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