Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Thought Police: Twas ever thus!

Lydia Howell points out in Is Progressive Dissent Public Enemy #1? | that the Thought Police are once again engaged in their favorite sport of obstructing the course of free speech in that bastion of freedom and liberty, the United States of America.

Nothing new here. The government constabulary and their hired thugs have always been used to neutralize those who dare to oppose the status quo and point out the inequities of the corporate oligarchy.

Meanwhile, the lies and obfuscation emanate from the hallowed halls of Washington. The New Hope President continues to provide Old Despair. The invasion and occupation of Iraq has expanded into the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, and now Pakistan. Mission Creep seeps under the doors of the White House as the First Creep gives in to Pentagon demands for totalitarian control of all of the Middle East. The Corporate Oligarchy is firmly in control of the seating arrangements in House and Senate chambers. Now with Corporate Personhood firmly in their clutches, there is no limit to fascist control of the United States government.

History may not exactly repeat itself, but it often rhymes.