Monday, October 04, 2010

Get some Goats!

This article in the Santa Cruz Sentinel Pasatiempo launches Operation Landscape Goat to help with restoration work details how the smart folks at the Pasatiempo Golf Club are employing goats to help remove out of control invasive species at the edges of the golf course.

There's a lesson here for Santa Cruz City Fathers and Mothers - no need to deploy an industrial scale cattle operation to remove invasive grasses from the Arana Gulch greenbelt, grasses that are retarding the livelihood of the endangered Santa Cruz tarplant. Just import a herd of goats and their canine protectors. No need for fences and fence posts strung across critical habitat. All the goats need is a portable solar powered electric fence to keep them corralled and attentive to their gustatory duties.

Here's a lesson for both the City of Santa Cruz and the California Coastal Commission: Less impact to fragile coastal habitats, and the goats provide fertilizer to boot.

Besides, they're kinda cute!

One Nation, Under Surveillance

Although the Surveillance State is nothing new, as pointed out in Surveillance, America’s Pastime |, it has reached new heights in this age of computer monitoring, street corner video cameras with face recognition software and government agencies infiltrating protest groups at the slightest whim. It's so easy to keep track of targeted individuals and groups, it hardly needs a court order to implement. Spy first, then ask forgiveness.

The big advance in the surveillance industry nowadays is... the fascist surveillance industry. It's no longer necessary to cry "national security" in a crowded protest meeting. Corporate expediency will do just fine as protests against corporate pollution and eco-rapers are sufficient justification for computer monitoring, infiltration and proscriptive incarceration. The greedy desires of Corporate America come first. What's good for Monsanto is good for America.

An America under the constant gaze of Big Brother is no democracy. Citizens in fear of speaking or acting out can never be fully informed participants in their own government. Citizens under the thumb of Big Business can never make intelligent decisions about how their consumption affects the world they live in and depend on for their own lives and well being.

There is only one response to such overt fascist oppression: Unplug the Global Economy. Stop consuming. Stop driving. Grow your own. Fix it yourself. Make do with what you have. Do without. Make it last. Make it local.

Take care of yourself and your own and withdraw from the corporate madness making a graveyard of the globe. Build local community with decision making and political power spread among all community members. Give up no power to any central authority.

There are 300 million people and counting in this country. Even with all their electronic jiggery-pokery, they can't watch each and every one of us all the time, especially if we reject their eye candy and glittering honey traps.

Citizens of America unite. You have nothing to lose but your toys!