Sunday, February 28, 2010

"Climate Change and Open Science," Wall Street Journal

"Skeptics don't doubt science—they doubt unscientific claims cloaked in the authority of science. The scientific method is a foundation of our information age, with its approach of a clearly stated hypothesis tested through a transparent process with open data, subject to review."

The Wall Street Journal's "Climate Change and Open Science" by L. Gordon Crovitz is an excellent article explaining the point of view of the scientific global warming skeptic.

Too often, climate alarmists and global warming enthusiasts try to marginalize climate skeptics by calling us "denialists," "deniers" and other terms less acceptable in polite company. We are excoriated as unpatriotic, anti-American and damned by association with Exxon, right-wing think tanks and pro-energy media campaigns. As usual, the science of global warming skepticism is lost in the rhetoric.

Climate change skepticism is about the free and open access to data and methodology, the hallmark of all scientific endeavor. Science embraces contradictory evidence as a critical part of evaluating and interpreting data and observation. Were it not for skeptical scientists, we would still view the Universe as revolving around the flat Earth, a demon haunted world where dragons peer over the rim.

As Carl Sagan taught us, science is a candle in the darkness. Let's not snuff it out in the heat of political expediency.

Your Mother Called!

The Pacific Plate is restless these days. We watch and wait from our perch near the cusp, on which we cling precariously, temporarily welded as we are to the North American Plate. Japan, Indonesia, Chile... the Ring of Fire, rumblings of a planet on the move.

They're still bouncing around in Chile, with 6.1 magnitude after shocks. The 8.8 yesterday sent waves throughout the Western Bath Tub, sloshing ashore even here on Monterey Bay. Here's the obligatory video:

Not to worry, this is just Mother Nature's way of reminding us who's in charge.