Thursday, July 29, 2010

Arana Gulch Breathes Sigh of Relief

Arana Gulch plan faces another delay: Coastal Commission staff needs more time to study city's changes

On Monday, Friends of Arana Gulch asked the California Coastal Commission staff what the hurry was in getting the City of Santa Cruz Proposal for the Arana Gulch Master Plan (plus the vampirish Broadway-Brommer Bicycle Path Connection) before the California Coastal Commission. Commission local staff had just received the latest proposal while half of the staff (of two) was on vacation. We presented a resolution for the Conflict, suggesting that the City should withdraw its proposal and resubmit later, without the environmentally destructive Bike road plan.

Today, local Coastal Commission staff announced that they had insufficient time to prepare their Staff Report before the August 11 meeting in San Luis Obispo, and the application by the City of Santa Cruz is postponed, for an undisclosed length of time.

Stay tuned to this blog and the Friends of Arana Gulch web site for updates.

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