Saturday, April 17, 2010

Portents of Things to Come

Ash may hover for days over uncertain Europe

Yes, it may indeed, just a hint of things to come as Peak Oil becomes a reality and airline travel becomes ever more expensive. I'll bet none of the surface transportation in Europe and on the Atlantic have been curtailed due to the ash.

Imagine 28,000 flights a day across northern Europe, all gulping petrol at 3,600 gallons per hour, spewing out nitrous oxide and other greenhouse gases, altering the stratosphere in ways we don't understand.

Now imagine it cut in half, or a third, as it is today. Less fuel consumption, less greenhouse gas emissions, less global warming, if there is any such thing at all. Also, less economic stimulation, fewer jobs in the airline and travel industry, less growth, less waste.

It's a win, win situation!

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