Monday, April 19, 2010

Coming to Grips with a Finite World

Bolivia Climate Change Talks to Give Poor a Voice
Indigenous peoples gather in public talks in Cochabamba to deal with the effects of economic colonialism, disguised as Climate Change.


Governments Starting to Worry About Peak Oil
Oil Company executives and government officials gather in secret to figure out how to profit from Peak Oil.


  1. It's no secret how to profit off a commodity once its production shrinks every year... it's pretty much doing the work for you, at that point.

    Regarding the Bolivia article... I think you either did not read the article you linked to or you know something I don't. The article discussed how climate change is happening, and how developed nations are not doing their part to curb pollution. What did I miss here?

  2. Climate change is being used by everyone on Earth as a stick to beat up on old adversaries. Yes, climate change is real, however, it may not have much to do with economic colonialism, that is, stealing resources from less developed countries for economic gain.

    In climate change terms, this is "producing more greenhouse gases," which means "we want the same goodies you have."

    Can't have it both ways. We all stop polluting or we all go down together. It's hard and it;s fair.

    As to climate change, it's been going on for millennia. Nothing new. And nothing can stop it.