Friday, March 12, 2010

Peak Oil Is Closer Than You Think

Kuwaiti Scientists Say Peak Oil Will Arrive in 2014

Coming sooner than even the most pessimistic (optimistic?) proponents, a new non-linear analysis of world oil reserves demonstrates Peak Oil arrival by 2014.

This doesn't mean we'll all be walking in 4 years, as good an idea as that is, but we can expect gasoline prices to rocket skyward very soon. This will, of course, reduce demand, again, and ease the situation, for a while.

There's no turning back now. With China demanding oil at an ever increasing rate, Peak Oil is coming at us down a well greased slope.

Time to start building the barn out back!

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  1. Whisky and I are ready. We've been hanging out in the redwoods, btw, just in case you needed some "reinforcement" for that bike trail issue. Seems you've got things under control, though, so we'll probably head over to the Grand and see what we can do about them Uranium fellas. The place is covered up with these pestiferous pests, you know. Whole damn country has gone to hell. Keep your cinch tight and be well.