Thursday, February 18, 2010


The New York Times weighs in with this video: Of National Security and Climate Change

“Climate change affects the sons and daughters who are currently stepping up to wear the uniform of our country,” says former Senator John Warner, a Virginia Republicanwith the Pew Environment Group. “They may be called upon to perform missions which are a consequence of an erratic climate change or shortage of energy or a variety of both.”

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  1. Whenever phantoms like lack of patriotism or "un-american activities" are invoked, you know the bottom of the barrel is being scraped. A few days a go, William Briggs had some good comments on these various appeals to morality, including patriotism, to discourage any questions regarding AGW:

    On the Morality of Global Warming Criticism
    William Briggs

    Paul Krugman, a columnist for the New York Times and winner of a prestigious banking prize (usually mistakenly called a “Nobel”), has said that those who criticize theories of global warming are immoral and treasonous. ¡Treasonous!

    Scores of lesser luminaries, backed by IPCC boss Rajendra Pachauri, say that such criticism, when it is not purely ignorant, is motivated and organized by a conspiracy. ¡Conspiracy!

    Global warming scientist James Hansen has said that oil executives and their supporters should be put on trial for crimes against humanity. ¡Crimes against humanity!

    And now, childhood hero Bill Nye, The Science Guy, has said that to question the veracity of man-made global warming is to be unpatriotic. ¡Unpatriotic!

    Treason. Conspiracy. Crimes against humanity. Unpatriotic. These are not words to use lightly.

    And they were not. They were not spoken in the heat of the moment. They were considered.

    They describe crimes historically punishable by imprisonment and death. We can only infer that their use is driven by bloodlust and a pathological inability to accept criticism.

    These words are bludgeons; raw, brute-force weapons. They are threats meant to silence utterly any who would dare speak up.

    They are also fighting words, slaps in the face.

    But since I paid attention to my catechism, I will this time turn the other cheek. Instead of punching back, I make a plea.
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