Monday, December 21, 2009

Our Nobel Peace Prize Winning War President

As we learn in of Cruise Missile Attacks in Yemen launched by our Nobel Peace Prize winning President, we enter the topsy world of NEWSSPEAK.

WAR IS PEACE. FREEDOM IS SLAVERY. Imperialism is democracy.

Forty-nine civilians were killed in air strikes in Yemen, unsuspecting people going about their quiet lives, unaware of the cross hairs painted on their grandparents, husbands, wives and children by technology beyond their ken.

Oh, you didn't read about this in your local newspaper, your state publication of record, the New York Times? Odd, that. One would think such glorious victories would be plastered in garish headlines across the nation.

But then, these would have to be actions about which we are proud, not cowardly acts to be hidden away in secret documents moldering in dark archives, stamped Top Secret. Fortunately freedom of the press still exists in other countries outside the borders of the United States Empire.

Myths die hard in the human imagination, and the myth of American benevolence dies hardest of all. The united States of America have become a mockery of the avowed ideals of their founders. Substituting an imperialist corporate oligarchy for even nominal rule by their people, the United States of America now stands as the world's foremost oppressor, striking at will, anywhere in the world, killing innocents with abandon and forethought, each attack followed by a barrage of lies. Where once we brought food and shelter to hands reaching out for aid, now we bring death and destruction.

One would hope that Nobel Prizes can be rescinded, with prejudice.