Thursday, December 03, 2009

Warning: Do not take this picture - Home News, UK - The Independent

Warning: Do not take this picture

What's going on here? Photographers in London and Aptos, California are being warned by uniformed police officers to stop taking pictures of public places.

There must be some new Homeland Security/International Constabulary training program on terrorist photography.

Remind me again - Why are we at war in Afghanistan?

President Obama's Afghanistan Election Speech:

"He [Obama] ignored the fact that none of the hijackers were Afghans, none lived in Afghanistan (they lived in Hamburg), none trained in Afghanistan (they trained in Florida), and none went to flight school in Afghanistan (that was in Minnesota)."

This must be the old grade school teacher ploy: when a student acts up, you smack the one sitting next to him, as a warning.

Since we can't attack Saudi Arabia, the source of Bin Laden's wealth (not to mention "our" oil), and the "Homeland" of the hijackers, we attack Afghanistan for providing a bolt hole for Bin Laden. Someone must be attacked and forced to pay for the Twin Towers and the people who died. So the innocent people of Afghanistan (not to mention Iraq) are visited by death and misery so the people of the United States can assuage their anguish and grief over 9/11?

But wait a minute, what about the oil pipeline from the Caspian Sea region? Remember, when George W, Bush invited the Taliban representatives to The Ranch, and whined and dined them to get concessions for a pipeline corridor. Where was that in Obama's speech?

Remind me again - Why are we at war in Afghanistan?