Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Shifting to Renewable Power

Shifting the world to 100 percent clean, renewable energy as early as 2030 -- here are the numbers

Most of the technology needed to shift the world from fossil fuel to clean, renewable energy already exists. Implementing that technology requires overcoming obstacles in planning and politics, but doing so could result in a 30 percent decrease in global power demand, say Stanford civil and environmental engineering Professor Mark Z. Jacobson and University of California-Davis researcher Mark Delucchi.

While this article appears to offer a pathway to a renewable energy future, it emphasizes centralized power fed into a central energy grid, with no mention of decentralized energy production (solar on every rooftop, local community wind generators). The article does not discuss the contribution of conservation, which can "produce" energy at no cost through reduction of wasted energy now consumed.

A renewable energy future will not be the non-renewable energy present we experience today. It must be accompanied by self-responsibility in energy use, backed up by changes in energy pricing and regulation.