Monday, April 13, 2009

The PRT Beast

This is what a PRT system would look like in Santa Cruz, as proposed by Transportation Enthusiast, with PRT stations spaced .5 miles apart throughout the community. That's 50 stations at $100,000 apiece (according to a construction industry expert). Then there's guidelrails, the command and control facilities, the pod cars themselves. I'd say, at least $20,000,000 minimum to build the thing. That's not counting right of way acquisition on private land for a private development scheme. Then there's annual maintenance, personnel costs, liability insurance, licenses and fees.

This is all in addition to the existing Metro Transit system, which will have to exist side by side and compete with PRT.

All this is to be supported with an alleged 10 to 30% of commuters in a population less than 100,000. That's less than 10,000 riders to pay for this behemoth!

Nope, it doesn't "pencil out." If this were such as Stirling opportunity, it would be built already.

When does Buffalo start building its own PRT?