Sunday, April 12, 2009

Evaporating Dreams in the Desert

Transportation Enthusiast points to Masdar as the shining new city in the desert, a green, sustainable oasis in a land where temperatures reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade ... and there's no shade.

Here's an article: The dark side of Dubai that tells the real story of the UAE "miracle" in the desert.

If you throw enough fertilizer on it, you can grow posies in a pickup truck.

You Are Being Lied to About Pirates

From the "Things That Never Change" Department:

Johann Hari: You Are Being Lied to About Pirates

PRT - The Myth That Keeps on Missing.

Engineers want it because it's a technocratic challenge.

Investors want it because it promises to make them lots and lots of profits (at whose expense?).

Who else wants it?

Pedestrians? No need!

Motorists? They already have their infrastructure.

Bicyclists? Hah!

Go to Cyberspace Dream for the full story.