Friday, April 03, 2009

Podcars surface again!

Pod Cars surface again! in Ithica, New York.

Jean Brocklebank offers this cogent response:

Alert!!! This is a terrible idea and one that the PRT LLC's of the world
are promoting big time. Think Segway. Something not needed and marketed
like it is THE a problem that does not exist.

"They" are trying to sell Podcar Development right here in Santa Cruz.

Podcars require an enormous infrastructure of raised railings (think
Disneyland) that clutter the airshed. That infrastructure will require a
lot of energy in its manufacture, installation and maintenance. A podcar
system is not instead of roadways and sidewalks and bike lanes that now
exist. It is in addition to. Furthermore, there must be Podcar stations,
with parking lots for people to park their cars to ride the rest of the way
in their "on demand" individual podcars.

Here is Santa Cruz, the Podcar Pimps are touting the system as a tourist
attraction and frightening the populace with "we should be the first city to
do this to get in on the tourist dollars!"

Morgantown, W.Va is always used as an example. Stupid example. That system
was built to take students to campus (after some incidents of student rapes
I think). Heathrow Airport is also building take passengers from
their car parks to their airplanes.

The Podcar Pimps like to tout the privacy of the podcar...if one wants to
travel alone. Isn't this simply replacing the single passenger automobile
with the single passenger podcar? Same mentality at work.

In any community, with commuting needs, a simple bus system (which the
Podcar Pimps acknowledge must be a part of the system unless podcars rails
will be intruding into every neighborhood) is all that is needed for public
transportation beyond a two mile radius. Two miles is walkable and takes 20
- 30 minutes, depending on the vigor of the walker. Bicycles take even less
time. Buses, trolleys can use the existing roadway infrastructure.

Step outside your home and imagine the behemouth (and they are) podcar
railings, 10 - 20 feet in the air, filling your airshed. Then look at the
ground and see the huge pylon feet cluttering what may have once been a