Sunday, February 08, 2009

It's Time!

Should we limit family size to save the Earth?

Unfortunately, the headline of this article mispoke the question. We cannot "save the Earth," because it doesn't need saving. The planet we live on, for the moment, gets along just fine with or without us.

What we can do is reduce the impact of humans on the Earth and all of its species by responsibly controlling and limiting our own population growth, before Nature does it for us. This will earn us the ability to exist on this Earth a little while longer.

Human consumption and waste production are a function of population numbers times rate of consumption. It's a zero sum game. Either reduce consumption across the board or drastically reduce human population growth.

Your choice!

A Glimpse of the Future

Iceland is ahead of the curve, (read about it here) already booting out the Neoliberals and taking their country back into their own hands. Yes, their economy has been decimated, their country raped and bleeding. And, they are standing up on their own hind legs and taking control of their lives.

We have a new President, who has hired on many of the same old Neoliberal economists. Will we have the courage to follow Iceland's example in the united States?