Saturday, January 17, 2009

The light at the end of the tunnel ...

Coming down to the last days of eight years of nightmare.

We see our new President, taking a train to the inauguration, eschewing the trappings of the elite, with his wife and children, and his Vice President, waving to the people along the tracks, just as Abraham Lincoln did 148 years ago.

What a relief.

Whatever Barack Obama is able to accomplish as President of the United States, at least we can say he started out well. This is the best a President can do: provide a role model for human behavior, an example to the 300 million people of this country, someone for everyone to look up to and feel hope.

The Dark Ages are over.

There is much to be undone, much to be accounted for, much to be made right, and new challenges to be met. Humility, honesty, and hope are the ways to begin.

We don't need a god to bless America. We need an American public to embrace this new President and keep him ever mindful of his responsibility to the American people, to all the people of the world and to all life on Earth. Barack Obama can't do it alone. We must work together.

Yes we can.