Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Giving Thanks

Almighty God!

We thank you for that which we are about to receive from your bountiful blessing.

We thank you for this turkey and for the factory farm that raised it in abject misery, and for the antibiotics and steroids that produced such a pitiful creature that could not feed itself nor reproduce.

We thank you for the feed lots in which animals were raised in mire and filth to bring such bounty to our groaning tables. We thank you for the slaughter houses where these animals were brought in terror and pain to be cruelly dispatched for our pleasure.

We thank your for the agribusiness corporations who sprayed the fields with toxic chemicals, who invented the genetically modified plants to withstand the poisons, so that these beautiful and tasteless vegetables could grace our tables.

We thank you for gasoline to truck these foods to our grocery stores, and for the thousands of our soldiers sent to far away lands to kill innocent women and children to make the oil fields safe for our oil companies to produce our gasoline. We thank you for the hundreds of thousands of human beings slaughtered on the battlefields, and for the families bereft of their fathers and brothers, and for the homes destroyed, the fields plowed under, the orchards ripped apart by bulldozers, so that our families can enjoy this fine meal in peace and safety.

Most of all, Merciful Father, we thank you for staying the hand of those who hate us for what we have done to them.

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  1. Beau Peyton1:59 PM

    Amen, Brother Hayduke.

    We'll now be passing the offering plate.

    This is a special offering to help all those needy people making over $250,000 annually. As you know, they may have to soon pay a tad bit more to help people that don't have adequate healthcare, and I know this will place an enormous burden on them and their families. Some may have to sell a vacation home or a yacht. Forego lavish vacations and all for what? To help deadbeats that didn't plan well, work hard or do the nasty things usually necessary to make that kind of money.