Sunday, October 18, 2009

Does Flu Vaccine Matter?

My father was a doctor from the late 50s through the 80s, starting out as a GP in Broken Bow, Nebraska. I used to mow the front lawn of the neat white turn-of-the-Century two-story home that housed his office.

Although we did get our polio vaccines during those frightening polio summers, first as a shot, then as blue liquid dropped on sugar cubes, Dad didn't really believe in vaccines. He preferred natural immunity from exposure to the disease. We were exposed to mumps and measles at a young age, when our symptoms were brief and mild. When we came down with colds or flu, the treatment was: plenty of fluids, lots of rest and aspirin, if necessary. We learned not to rely on medications and to take care of our own immune systems.

In the United States, common sense response to disease has been replaced by fear and opportunism. The people are kept in a heightened state of fear through government propaganda inflamed by lurid media headlines. Pharmaceutical executives count their profits as the government orders exorbitant stockpiles of what amounts to expensive placebos, then generates fear to get the populace to line up for their vaccinations.

Now we learn in Does the Vaccine Matter? - The Atlantic (November 2009) that it really is a sham, an unwillingness on the part of the medical profession to test and analyize received wisdom and resist pressure from pharmaceutical industry lobbying,

Thank you, Dr. Dad, for your wise treatment and counsel.

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