Saturday, July 18, 2009

Scare-Ya Palin - What you see is what you get

Scare-Ya Palin Outdoes Herself |

I lived in Alaskaland for fifteen years, where I became familiar with the Palin Phenom, long before Sarah left the basketball court for politics.

In Alaska, when someone asks you if you can do something, the Official Alaska State Response is, "Sure! Why not?" Then if it turns out you can't do it, at least you know more about it than before you started. No one checks on your credentials, especially for women.

Alaska is a small town; wherever you go you run into someone you know. Anyone who wants to can become, well, Governor. Wally Hickel was George Bush, v. 0.1. Remember the Owner State, the water pipeline to Lalaland?

Sarah Palin is no mystery to Alaskans. The puzzlement has always been, "Why did she want to go Outside and play with folks in the Lesser States?"

Alaska is also the State of Unfinished Projects, due to the overwhelming negative correlation between money and brains. There's piles of money lying about to buy new projects and very little qualifications to see them through. Closets in Juneau are stuffed, Fibber McGee-like, with all sorts of paraphernalia left over from grand projects never fulfilled.

So quitting as governor in the first term is very Alaskan, in keeping with Palin's experience growing up in the Unfinished State.

I have no excuses for Republicans.

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