Sunday, April 19, 2009

As if cell phones weren't bad enough already …

I don't need any more justification to know that cell phones are bad, irredeemable, worse than useless, socially destructive, unnecessary and just plain stupid. Now we learn, in this article, that anyone can download software into your cell phone that allows it to be used as a tracking device, a continuous monitor of your phone calls and your face-to-face conversations, even when it's not turned on.

Of all the devices foisted upon an unsuspecting consumer public by unscrupulous corporate entities, cell phones are the worst. There's no need for cell phones in anyone's life. They're rude, intrusive, cause traffic accidents, fill user's heads with uncontrolled microwave radiation, and, worst of all, they've created an entire generation of cell phone zombies who can't exist without checking their tiny screens every 30 seconds for all important messages.

As James, a character in my novel-in-progress, tells his cell phone using compadre: "Just take your damned cell phone out to the pasture and drop it in a cow pie. Maybe some cow will step on it. Let 'em listen to that."

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