Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Now the work begins

It's a new world this morning, or at least the dawning of a new world. Soon, we'll have an intelligent, articulate, effective, and best of all, progressive President of the united States of America.

The President brings with him ideals and a crew of helpers to take on massive destruction of this country and its environments after eight years of ignorant abuse. What's most important now is the staff and cabinet President Obama selects and his choices for other offices. It's our job to make sure he chooses wisely.

Then we must lead the President in our own local communities by building a fire for democracy wherever we live. President Obama can provide inspiration, lead the call for progressive legislation, but we must do the work here on the ground. We must turn the huge Obama volunteer network into a huge Democracy network and bring government of our daily lives back home where we can keep an eye on it.

President Obama is young, idealistic and inexperienced. He needs all the help we can give. We can teach him about conservation, wise energy use, accommodation to the new developing climate regime, localism, self-sufficiency and mutual aid. We can help him support our troops by bringing them home and putting them to work in green jobs.

Democracy starts between the ears. Let's get busy!

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