Saturday, November 15, 2008

Be Bold, Mr. President-elect!

Your Weekly Address from the President-elect

President-elect Obama gave his first "radio" address, via You Tube and the internet, (can you hear the radio address on the radio anywhere?) this morning, breaking new ground in communications, embracing the darling medium of youth. Unfortunately his message was old hat.

Yes, of course, the leader of the Free World must exude confidence, point the way to the future, calm our fears, especially one who still aspires to that leadership position. We hope today's address is merely a hint of more substantive policy-making yet to come.

It's time to stop talking about a growing economy. Growth is dead. A growing economy is impossible in a finite world containing 6 billion human beings busily procreating and despoiling the planet on which all life depends. The old economic model is laid bare in its false promise of unending consumerism, constantly increasing standard of living, room for all on this tiny planet, including, of course, those who consume most of it.

This is a lie. Please, Senator Obama, don't lie to us. Tell us the truth so we can start right now, together, to work toward real solutions

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