Saturday, August 02, 2008

Global Gang of Energy Thieves Discovered!

Lawrence Livermore Laboratories reveals this startling image of a gang of thieves stealing energy from unsuspecting victims in the united States. The name of the gang?


Out of approximately 97 quadrillion BTUs (Quads) produced in 2002, 55.9 quads (58%) was lost, mainly as waste heat. The two chief culprits of the gang were Electrical System Energy Losses and Internal Combustion Engine Inefficiency. These two nefarious characters have robbed stockpiles of natural resources and energy storage to the tune of thousands of Quads, contributing to climate change and pollution.

How do we stop this gang dead in its tracks? We call in Sheriff Conservation and his posse of Public Transit, Hypercar Technology, Walkable/Bikable Communities. Solar Energy, and Local Production for Local Consumption. And we stop providing subsidies for the Lost Energy Gang that lets then rum rampant through our energy world.

If we can cut the Lost Energy Gang down to half its size, we can increase Useful Energy by 90%. That's 25 Quadrillion BTUs of free energy, every year, more than is produced by all the oil imported into the united States.

It's simple, it's easy, it's cheap.

It's just plain stupid to keep wasting precious energy when we know how to stop it.

Be on the alert! The Lost Energy Gang is casing out your car, your home and your workplace right now!

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