Saturday, July 12, 2008

So now what do we do?

Today is my 59th birthday, the first of many... I hope.

Waking up this morning I find myself in a world teetering on the edge of the abyss, environmentally, politically and culturally.

The Obama promise has evaporated. Even before his anointment as the official Democratic Party Candidate for president of the united States of America, he has begun back-pedaling on campaign promises. He voted for telecom immunity - worse, he voted to prevent a filibuster on the bill, in direct contradiction to his promise on the campaign stump. Despite his populist rhetoric, Obama is just another Republican in Democratic mufti, hiding his trunk behind a donkey mask with floppy ears. Despite the promise of an intelligent mind in the White House, at long last, Obama serves the same masters as the dim bulb now sputtering out in the Oval Office.

The damage done by 28 years of government corruption, corporate dominance, media manipulation and cultural vacuity has created a society incapable of responding to the challenge of climate change and Peak Oil. The Earth continues to turn as it has for 3 billion years or so. Unfortunately for the "dominant" species (the one with the most impact), the Earth is turning away from us and we're too stupid to change direction. No comparison to dinosaurs here; they had no choice. It was either learn to fly or go extinct, and Mother Nature provided the feathers. Humans have blithely ignored our feathers as we continue driving down the freeway past the launch ramp.

I look forward to my sixth decade with hope, secure in the knowledge, based on personal experience, that all will be well, in its time. When the pulling of hair and gnashing of teeth subsides, when we finally ignore the corporate bleating in our Great National Asylum for the Criminally Helpless in Washington, DC, when we get back to the daily of work of democracy, pull up our fashionably sagging pants, tighten our belts and get to work at the local level, the pendulum will return and we'll get on with finding our place in the web of life on this planet.

Things will be different, yes they will, as anything alive constantly changes. It is only dead things that stay the same. The Earth does not abide any species that lays waste to the roundabout and expects to continue such devastation indefinitely. Nature always bats last. Those of us who recognize this now and change the way will live will be less affected by the coming inevitable changes and will show the way to the new/old way of life.

I hope by my next 59th birthday to see the pendulum swing even further, lifting us up to see the world just over the horizon.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Michael. Sorry I missed it yesterday...had it marked on the calendar but never looked at the calendar!

    I see some signs of hope. That article I posted on reinhabit is an example. An example of perhaps a parallel society emerging. One that thinks in terms of limits and real sustainability, not the buzz word sustainability that has quickly taken center stage.

    But the darker side is always present and also growing. A large, uneducated populace and a massive federal government hell bent on preventing change. We're stuck in the middle, gardening, cycling, walking, frugal peace seekers, trying to hang on while the rest of the place goes to hell in a handbasket.

    Hope you have 59 more. The world needs you.