Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bush Offers to hold Israel's Coat

Bush Backs Israeli Plan for Strike on Iran As Tehran Tests New Missiles, America Believes Only a Show of Force Can Deter President Ahmadinejad

In a scintillating display of international onepuffmanship, Ovalmeister George W. Bush prods Israel to attack Iran, sniggering up his sleeve as he adds sotto voce, "You're on your own."

Who believes the Smirk-in-Chief, when his retinue of beribboned Pentagon Choir members wear their peace robes while they reprise the chorus of war in the background. They're just itching for a new battlefield to try out all their new "non-lethal" weapons on a new set of "enemies." There's more fighter planes and bombers to sell, missiles to get off the shelf; it's a Blue-light Special at War Mart.

What a coincidence that Iran just announced the "discovery" of a new oil field, filled to the Plimsol line with billions of barrels of crude, now selling at $145 a barrel and climbing. When will we hear the old familiar mantra, "It's not about oil. It's not about oil?"

Impeach them all while we still have a chance. Saddle up the posse, the Bush Gang is making a getaway!

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