Saturday, March 22, 2008

What will you do when they declare martial law?

The stage is set, the props are in place, the actors are on their marks, all that remains is to open the curtains.

Look at the program: Barak O'Bama, the Muslim Irishman, looks good to beat Ms. Clinton to the podium at the Democratic Convention. John McCain, the right-wing Republican caricature, scowls in grandfatherly fashion as he mumbles his lines, dropping a fact here, a lie there around his wing-tip shoes.

Could the lines be drawn any more distinctly? It's the white, privileged high roller status quo, military-industrial corporate cabal against ... everyone else!

What will Rummy and Rove do when Obama rolls out the landslide victory? How will the military-industrial complex react when Obamaites start talking peace? What will happen when "The People" march into Washington, DC and take over?

I doubt they'll be satisfied with stealing all the "O"s from the White House keyboards.

Think of the convenient excuse another attack on the United States would present to the Current Occupant and the Occupiers:

"Now is not the time to show weakness by changing the administration of this great nation. We must postpone the election for the duration of the emergency."

"We must pull our troops from foreign shores to protect the Homeland."

"The 'Freedom Drones' flying over your cities are for your own protection, their fully armed missiles a mere courtesy detail."

"Papers, pliss?"

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