Sunday, March 02, 2008

This is Democracy?

Clinton, McCain, Obama... White woman; white man; sort of black guy.

If this were a contest for most photogenic politician, one might say we have a choice.

If this is a contest for leader of the united States, we've slipped into totalitarianism.

How is it that the political spectrum represented in these candidates goes from Far Right to Slightly Right of Middle?

All the candidates support uS imperial expansion in the Middle East and the invasion of Iraq (aka, "Support the Troops"). All the candidates support a constantly expanding capitalist economy. All the candidates support economic centralization, privatization, and Federal Reserve hegemony. All support a "health care system" based on bloated health insurance corporations.

None of the candidates acknowledge Peak Oil and its inevitable consequences for local economies. None of the candidates acknowledge the causes and effects of climate change and the impact it will have on human societies. None of the candidates have any rational environmental understanding or proposals for the future.

In short, Clinton, McCain and Obama are the perfect candidates for 2008, as they closely mirror the ignorance, apathy and lack of political sophistication of the American electorate.

Where is the candidate representing a steady-state economy, informing the public about the ultimate failure of capitalism? Where is the candidate representing simple, non-consumerist living? Where is the candidate representing a rational world-view devoid of religious mythology? Where are the anti-war, anti-imperialism, pro-peace candidates? Where are the vegetarian, single-payer medical care, protect critical habitat, animal rights candidates?

Where are the choices?

There are none.

This is a totalitarian election in a totalitarian state. Voters have a clear choice between moderate, right-wing Republicans and middle of road, centrists Democrats. The electorate is offered the choice between the status-quo and intensification of the status-quo.

The road goes ever onward, with nary a turn nor intersection in sight. The bridge over the chasm is out and the driver has ripped up all the warning signs. As we "tip over" the edge, it will be a fast and exhilarating ride down, until the inevitable hard stop at the bottom.

Do we have a choice? Not unless we wrest the steering wheel away from the driver and apply the brakes...


  1. Jean Brocklebank11:16 AM

    Yes, it would be nice and it is absolutely imperative, for us to have a choice for a candidate who understands all environmental issues (peak oil, the need for a steady-state economy, etc.). However, with 90% of the population not "getting it" either, would such a candidate be elected?

    We who are aware live every day with ignorance and greed around us. Our neighbors in our communities are proof of this.

    The voting public does not want to know the real truth...they will not give up their plush lifestyles. They will not vote for anyone who suggests they better be prepared to do so. They will not vote for anyone who tells them they should prevent their diseases and infirmaries rather than receive the drugs on which they now rely. They will not vote for anyone who tells them they cannot continue their happy motoring ways, their sushi, chicken and fish instead of red meat eating ways, their ability to buy stuff ways. In short, we have the candidates 90% of the people want.

  2. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Right you are.

    This is a one party country, financed by Wall Street, the military-industrial complex, big agriculture, the pharma industry and the rest. It is the Plutocracy Party and it has two wings; the center-right - what we call the Dimocratic Party and the fascist wing that we know as Rethugians.

    We are on our own as the globe bakes, the oil dwindles and the wars rage on and on and on...

    Dave Collins
    Texas Hill Country