Sunday, December 30, 2007

"Take-over-the-World Plan."

Key Pentagon strategist plots global war on terror

We don't need to read this article to know that the Pentagon, and its corporate sponsors, plan to take over the world. That, as they say, goes without saying.

It doesn't hurt, however, to say it, frequently and with feeling.

The Pentagon's "Take-over-the-World Plan" is nothing but imperialism, Empire writ large, the greatest fantasy since Napoleon's delusions of grandeur.

Fortunately, for all of us living beings, the world has another plan, expressed as: "Oh, no, you won't, either." Mother Nature has built in some rather harsh limitations on the expansion of any of her species on this Earth. Those who get uppity and bigger than their britches get slapped down, hard, and sometimes permanently.

The Church of Eternal Growth has many adherents among the gentry in the united States and its client countries. Their entire world is based on the premise of unlimited economic (and physical) growth, such that it is an unchallenged assumption of daily life. No politician in this election cycle would dare raise the spectre of even a steady state economy, despite the clear and irrefutable fact that only a steady state economy is in any way "sustainable."

The idea of unlimited growth is spread throughout all of our culture, from Kindergarten to the grave. Growth is considered good, without question.

It's time to start asking questions.

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  1. Two people recently commented to me that "sales were down from last year" and it's a "rough" economy.

    I offered a bit of a challenge, which was met with looks of disbelief. You'd think they had seen a ghost, and maybe they did. The Ghost of Common Sense, something that apparently died a long time ago.

    I simply proposed the unthinkable: What if your sales were the same as last year? What would that really mean?

    This was met with "costs are higher," "we aren't growing," etc.

    To which I provided logical replies, including "Why do you have to 'grow.'? What have you really lost by not growing? A new car? A bigger house? A vacation? So what? I mean, is this really a crisis? I don't think so."

    A crisis is what's happening right now, thanks to the growth ad infinitum club. But as you said, people don't think in these terms.