Friday, December 28, 2007

“Sheepish Submissiveness”

Creeping Fascism: Lessons From the Past

Raimund Pretzel's book, Defying Hitler, should be required reading to qualify to vote in the united (sic) States.

I've long had a feeling that the US government (not MY government), was heading into what in 1980 Bertram Gross called Friendly Fascism, that is, the domination of US government by corporate interests, leading to a corporate oligarchy in charge of domestic and foreign policy.

That time has arrived. Defying Hitler points out the unavoidable parallels between the burgeoning 1930s Nazi Germany and the united States of the 21st Century.

It's not as if it has been a closely held state secret. 9/11 has long been compared to the Reichstag arson (let's not forget the FIRST, failed World Trade Center bombing, a security agencies SNAFU). Noami Klein has clearly demonstrated the pattern of "Shock and Awe" employed at each and every opportunity to inure the public to increased surveillance, control and manipulation. Little more needs to be said.

I have Defying Hitler on reserve at the PUBLIC library. I'd better check it out before they lock the doors.

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