Sunday, December 30, 2007

"Take-over-the-World Plan."

Key Pentagon strategist plots global war on terror

We don't need to read this article to know that the Pentagon, and its corporate sponsors, plan to take over the world. That, as they say, goes without saying.

It doesn't hurt, however, to say it, frequently and with feeling.

The Pentagon's "Take-over-the-World Plan" is nothing but imperialism, Empire writ large, the greatest fantasy since Napoleon's delusions of grandeur.

Fortunately, for all of us living beings, the world has another plan, expressed as: "Oh, no, you won't, either." Mother Nature has built in some rather harsh limitations on the expansion of any of her species on this Earth. Those who get uppity and bigger than their britches get slapped down, hard, and sometimes permanently.

The Church of Eternal Growth has many adherents among the gentry in the united States and its client countries. Their entire world is based on the premise of unlimited economic (and physical) growth, such that it is an unchallenged assumption of daily life. No politician in this election cycle would dare raise the spectre of even a steady state economy, despite the clear and irrefutable fact that only a steady state economy is in any way "sustainable."

The idea of unlimited growth is spread throughout all of our culture, from Kindergarten to the grave. Growth is considered good, without question.

It's time to start asking questions.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Another brick in the imperialist pathway

Anglo-American Ambitions behind the Assassination of Benazir Bhutto and the Destabilization of Pakistan

"Musharraf benefits from the removal of a bitter rival, but now must find a way to re-establish order. Musharraf now has an ideal justification to crack down on “terrorists” and impose full martial law, with Bush-Cheney working from the shadows behind Musharraf---and continuing to manipulate or remove his apparatus, if Musharraf proves too unreliable or broken to suit Anglo-American plans." Larry Chin, Global Research, December 29, 2007

As usual the uS press and their gB cohorts withhold the most important parts of the story. We get the dots without the patterns, let alone the connections.

As Chin points out in this article, these dramatic events are steps in a carefully planned pathway to global uS Empire. The "War on Terror" is a transparent excuse to deploy uS troops to every country containing natural resources or strategically placed to access natural resources. Pakistan and Afghanistan control access to Caspian Sea oil and gas, as well as the growing domination of Middle East oil.

The CIA, the strongarm thugs of the uS government, via its manufactured Al Qaeda (not the original Al Qa'ida, which was a traditional economic network) seeks, as always, to destabilize governments in this volatile region. Most of the time they work in the background, with occasional flashes of violence betraying their presence. As with their current Vice Terrorist, Dick Cheney, they seek to leave no footprints in their bloody wake.

This is what the united States has become: the inheritor of British colonialism writ large and ugly. Capitalizing on terrorism, global warming and peak oil, that is, just about everything, the uS corporate oligarchy (aka fascist government) seeks to consolidate power throughout the world, such that its corporate sponsors continue to make obscene profits, and the beneficiaries of power and influence remain in power as long as possible.

This is the face of the central state for the foreseeable future, and that face doesn't get any prettier as it gets older. As the state clamps down on the people, the people will resist. The state has all the guns, and "non-lethal" weapons, and the willingness to use them against the people. Social and political mechanisms are in place in the united States to repress, "with a firm and manly hand," any movement by the people to regain control of the government.

It doesn't look good for freedom and liberty today, and the future of democracy.

Friday, December 28, 2007

“Sheepish Submissiveness”

Creeping Fascism: Lessons From the Past

Raimund Pretzel's book, Defying Hitler, should be required reading to qualify to vote in the united (sic) States.

I've long had a feeling that the US government (not MY government), was heading into what in 1980 Bertram Gross called Friendly Fascism, that is, the domination of US government by corporate interests, leading to a corporate oligarchy in charge of domestic and foreign policy.

That time has arrived. Defying Hitler points out the unavoidable parallels between the burgeoning 1930s Nazi Germany and the united States of the 21st Century.

It's not as if it has been a closely held state secret. 9/11 has long been compared to the Reichstag arson (let's not forget the FIRST, failed World Trade Center bombing, a security agencies SNAFU). Noami Klein has clearly demonstrated the pattern of "Shock and Awe" employed at each and every opportunity to inure the public to increased surveillance, control and manipulation. Little more needs to be said.

I have Defying Hitler on reserve at the PUBLIC library. I'd better check it out before they lock the doors.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Failing the Sniff Test

U.S. Checking al Qaeda Claim of Killing Bhutto

Of course, the inevitable claim that Al Qaeda is responsible for Bhutto's death, complete with picture of Bin Laden lookalike paired with the victim.

Is there anything that Al Qaeda is NOT responsible for? Acne? Herpes? The heartbreak of psoriasis?

Never fear, the Bush administration will ferret out the evil-doers, and will vow to bring them to justice. International terror marches on.

U.S. Troops to Head to Pakistan - Early Warning

U.S. Troops to Head to Pakistan - Early Warning

Are we surprised?

With Bhutto assassinated and safely out of the way, the path is open now for a full court press by the US government into Pakistan, something they've been trying to do for some time. Both the US and Great Britain have supported Bhutto in her attempts to pull back the Pakistani government from military domination, all the while knowing that she would soon be killed if she stayed in the country very long. Where were the troops protecting her today?

Pakistan will be another outpost in the American Empire.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Co-Co-optation of Environmentalism

Co-optation: it's a cumbersome word. We think of it in terms of corporate media, "greenwashing" and other forms of economic dominance of environmentalism in today's society.

Now we're doing it to ourselves.

The culprit is success. "Big Green," the amalgam of large national and international environmental organizations, has finally succeeded in grabbing the attention of world media, thanks to "Global Warming" and, to a lesser extent, Peak Oil. Lurid headlines, blockbuster Hollywood movies and media presentations by prominent political figures have brought the specter of sea level rise, increasingly destructive storms, species extinction and killer heat waves to television sets across the globe.

The cost of all this frenetic attention has been, oddly enough, environmentalism, the ideological and sociological movement to change the systemic destructiveness of the dominant human social system. Exclusive attention to anthropogenic climate change factors, that is, greenhouse gas production from human activities, focuses proposed responses to climate change on technological "fixes" to reduce greenhouse gas production and transition to a "sustainable,""post-carbon" world of "renewable" energy sources, such as wind and solar. Unfortunately, this focus on technology ignores the underlying social structure that drives environmental destruction and that would continue even in a world of "sustainable" energy production.

Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) has been proposed as an alternative to private automobiles producing greenhouse gases, taking cars off the roads and putting them on elevated tracks, powered by electricity produced in part by photovoltaics. While this may reduce greenhouse gas production in urban areas (depending on the source of electricity and the total energy costs of producing and maintaining PRTs), it will also stimulate urban growth and sprawl, which exacerbates the problems. Even worse, such a technological fix ignores the opportunity cost foregone of restructuring our living and working relationships to reduce the need for so much transportation in the first place.

Members of Parliament in the UK are now required to factor in the carbon cost of any project they approve. While this is a small step in the right direction, it has been seized on by the nuclear power industry as a justification for building more nuclear power plants. Nuclear energy only appears to produce less greenhouse gases if one ignores the enormous carbon footprint of mining and processing uranium for fuel, transportation and storage of radioactive wastes for thousands of years, and the dismantling, transportation and storage of radioactive power plant components for thousands of years after their relatively short useful life.

Environmentalism has been co-opted by technocratic sustainability-ism. Big Oil is jumping on the Big Green bandwagon, along with Big Solar and Big Wind. Big Nukes is hanging onto the tail-gate, trying desperately to climb aboard. The search is on for a new energy drug to fuel the human addiction to growth and technological "progress."

The search is futile, because the problem is social, not technological. The worst thing we could possibly do is invent a free source of energy that produces no pollution. With no technological limitation to human growth, humans would wipe out themselves, and much of the planet, in less than a century.

Fortunately for us, and our immediate, non-human neighbors, there is no free energy lunch. A thousand years from now, our descendants, if there are any, will have no need of environmentalism. Society, if it exists at all, will include all life in its range of relationships.

Environmentalism will be co-opted by Life.