Sunday, October 14, 2007

Irony is not yet dead

Condi Rice is either completely ignorant or possessed of a heightened sense of irony, as the Herald Tribune reveals. Time will tell.

In browbeating Putin and accusing the Russian government of walking away from democracy, she accurately and succinctly described increasing centralized authoritarianism, fascism and imperialism in the United States government. Perhaps she was reading from the wrong playbook.

The government of the united States, as distinct from the people occupying the United States of America, has stepped wide of the path of democracy in its latest attempts to solidify the corporatocracy that rules this country, and most of the rest of the world. The Oval One and his band of thugs have shredded the Constitution of the united States of America, abandoned the carefully crafted system of checks and balances that have heretofore maintained an uneasy truce among the graspers at power, and strode roughshod across most of the rest of the planet, making the world safe for hypocrisy.

Militarism, the substitution of military priorities and justifications for government action, has replaced democracy and egalitarianism as the guiding ideology of the United States government. Since the "Global Economy" is capitalist, that makes the United States a country that uses militarism to support, defend and spread capitalism throughout the world by imperialistic economic and military conquest. This is a precise definition of fascism.

The United States government has become the evil force it proposes to defeat, using torture of prisoners, slaughter of civilian non-combatants, indiscriminate bombing of civilian infrastructure, kidnapping, extortion, drug-running, extraterritorial mercenary armies, blatant lies and deceit, murder and assassination, to topple governments that offer no threat to this country. What they do threaten is world corporate hegemony, the ability of trans-national corporations to dominate capital, resources and labor on any continent, in any country on Earth as they desire.

Many have pointed out the clear parallels with the Roman Empire and its decline, as the Romans sought to spread their domination throughout the known world through force of arms, and whose militarism at home lead to a decline in democratic institutions and arguably the eventual downfall of the Roman Empire.

This is not the Roman Empire and history never repeats itself quite this literally.

The greater lesson to be learned is far more universal and final. In a world of finite resources, unlimited growth is a fatal disease. What we see now in these desperate struggles for political and economic domination is the final, pitiful thrashings about of the dinosaur of expansionist capitalism. The twin specters of global climate change and Peak Oil are ushering in the end of the Age of Oil, and with it, the end of the Age of Growth.

Whatever society survives the next 250 years will be inevitably sustainable and in harmony with natural biological and geophysical cycles. There can be no other outcome. The imperialist model of expansion and dominion is revealed as ultimately bankrupt. Only a steady-state society can exist in a world of finite resources.

That's the way it is. We're stuck on this whirling mud blob for the rest of eternity, or until the Sun expands and swallows us up. Might as well get used to it, stop all this tedious pretense at omnipotence and get down to the real task of learning how to play nicely together in the remaining sandbox.

Sorry to burst your bubble, Condi.

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