Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The G of F at play

I find it odd that there has been absolutely no mention of the upcoming Exercise Vigilant Shield 08 and Topoff 4 terrorist exercises in the mainstream press. Usually the administration sends out a trial balloon on these things and then, when they get negative publicity, they tone it down and downgrade the whole thing, or get rid of it altogether. It sounds like this one is going on as planned, on the quiet.

Which is more worrying than if they announced it with full fanfare and four part harmony.

I'd be surprised if they pulled the same scenario as 9/11, just for the sheer sensitivity of it all. But then, they don't live in the same "reality-based world" as 10% of the uS population. They create their own reality as they go along and live within it as if it were real.

So maybe they will.

They certainly are yearning for an excuse to declare martial law before the next election and establish a dejure dictatorship, in place of the defacto dictorship that rules now. Once the Oval One is fully installed as Emperor, there will be no reason to dissemble on any issue, just make a proclamation and let them eat cake.

The Gang of Five has certainly been preparing the ground for something; I suspect that something may be coming to fruition very soon.

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  1. Jack Burns4:37 PM

    As you said, ain't much we can do but be prepared.

    Me, I'm heading to my brother-in-law's cabin in the Ozark mountains. We've got plenty of peanut butter, Cabernet, Makers Mark, Sierra Nevada beer,fishin' tackle, canoes, shotguns, rifles and everything from Chopin to Townes Van Zandt. Snyder, Abbey, Jeffers, Twain and Keats. I'm set. Got water, too. Lakes, rivers, springs. Firewood. Deer. Ducks. Herbs. Fuck 'em.

    And I'm a better shot than Cheney.