Saturday, August 11, 2007

Military draft should be considered: US war czar

Military draft should be considered

I agree.

Nothing would focus anti-war sentiment in the United States better than a draft. Even a preferential draft that provides exemptions for the elites of society: college students, children of Congress critters, the idle rich. This would bring attention to inequality and elitism in this country and draw to crystal clarity the deep economic and social divisions we live with every day.

If we are called to support the troops, let's support those who were dragged into the war machine unwillingly, not those who have signed up to escape economic dead ends.

Better yet, let's have a draft based on economic inequality, starting with those with the highest family income levels first! Let's see how long imperialism lasts when the children of the elites are placed on the front lines!

Bring it on!


  1. Jack Burns3:16 PM

    I'd don't know. It could have the desired effect. But I also know some wealthy folks that are proud their kids are serving in Iraq. There was an article in yesterday's Commercial Appeal about a bank COO who's son is over there.

    He's all gung ho.

    Unfortunately, a draft will probably mean the end of your friend. I will resist. I will violently resist before they take my sons.

    Sorry. That's just the damn truth. The damned, ugly truth is I would go completely over the edge and have an armed confrontation just like John Vogelin in Abbey's Fire On The Mountain.

    I'll be shot and killed but I'd rather die than know I let those filthy fucks take my kid.

    I loathe these people.

    Hayduke, nothing makes the hair on my neck bristle more than the word


    I'm for peace, but in this case I will not be a pacifist.

  2. Pacifism does not mean inaction. Pacifism, anti-authoritarianism, anti-imperialism are all robust calls to action to defend the values we hold dear.

    Jack Burns' response illustrates my point well. When our own loved ones are threatened with ingestion by the imperialist beast, we rise on our hind legs and roar in their defense. It's too easy to write off the inner city blacks and Hispanics who respond to economic promises in return for their souls in military uniforms, who are taught to be efficient killing machines and then returned home and turned loose on the polite public.

    When our children are assigned their draft cards, then perhaps will do something to end war and militarism.

  3. Jack Burns6:46 AM


    If you have a functioning brain you should resist having your children turned into killers supporting economic wars. Killers who will eventually themselves be killed and shipped home in a body bag.

    This country needs to be broken apart. Secession. The government is not repairable. It's too far gone, too deeply embedded with greedy capitalists and industrialists to serve the people.

    Our government serves industrial capitalism and eliminates all threats to growth and expansion of new markets.

    I'm not talking about states seceding. I'm talking about breaking those apart too, and developing democratic bioregional entities that can send representatives to a continental federation. But all power must rest with the people in the bioregion.

    North of you, there's a strong movement for the State of Jefferson. Vermont is talking of secession. Create Shasta. We'll create the Mississippi Delta Region.