Thursday, August 23, 2007

Constitutional fascism

The excesses of the Bush administration over the past seven years have caused many to decry seeming moves toward a fascist government, even a de facto dictatorship. Many of us will be surprised if the United States makes it through the next election cycle without a major "terrorist" incident and subsequent declaration of martial law, making de facto dictatorship de jure.

In fact, US fascism had its genesis long before World War II, when Italian, German and Spanish fascism caught the world's attention. US fascism was born in 1787, with the coup d'etat that overthrew the Confederation of American States and replaced it with the united States of America.

The Constitution of the united States of America was a document created by elite, wealthy property owners in an attempt of keep the government of the united States out of the hands of the filthy rabble of the common people. They feared popular rule and guarded against democracy at every turn. The "checks and balances" of the constitution were designed to check popular rule and to keep the government from being taken over by populists and used as a tool against elite privilege and control.

The imperialist United States government we witness now, our militarized society, our covert and overt police state, all were conceived in the Constitution, gestated in propaganda-fed jingoism in our growing nation and birthed in the cries of oppressed people around the globe as well as at home. The United States is the last standing empire and moves ever closer to a "self-proclaimed" dictatorship that rules the world in an un-Pax Americana.

The United States government cannot be reformed because its founding document and guiding ideology has come to full fruition in our current imperialist fascists state. We have arrived where we were aimed and we can no more turn back on our assign path than we can turn back the clock and erase the Constitution.

Our best hope is to turn our back on the present government and quietly build a new social organization, a society based on bioregional organization, anarchism and a steady state economy. Progress consists of turning around and taking the first step forward.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Military draft should be considered: US war czar

Military draft should be considered

I agree.

Nothing would focus anti-war sentiment in the United States better than a draft. Even a preferential draft that provides exemptions for the elites of society: college students, children of Congress critters, the idle rich. This would bring attention to inequality and elitism in this country and draw to crystal clarity the deep economic and social divisions we live with every day.

If we are called to support the troops, let's support those who were dragged into the war machine unwillingly, not those who have signed up to escape economic dead ends.

Better yet, let's have a draft based on economic inequality, starting with those with the highest family income levels first! Let's see how long imperialism lasts when the children of the elites are placed on the front lines!

Bring it on!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Cell phones and the limits of enough

“Our national myth is about the endless defiance of limits: opening the Western frontier, breaking the speed of sound, dropping people on the moon, discovering ‘cyberspace’ at the very moment when we have filled old-fashioned space with so much junk that we can barely move.”

Parker Palmer, Let Your Life Speak

"Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell."

Ed Abbey

Today there are over 3 billion cell phone subscriptions throughout the world (and incrementing rapidly), chalking up over 700 billion minutes per month of voice and text messaging. India and Africa have the highest rate of new cell phone subscriptions in the world, despite the lowest per-capita income.

Ninety-nine and forty-four one hundredth percent of all cell phone calls start with, "Where are you?"

Cell phones are an example of a solution in search of a problem. Human technocrats, teenage girls and lost motorists do not need cell phones, they desire communication. The lonely road safety, keep track of the kids, keep in touch with the employees excuses are all lies foisted off on a gullible public to advance the pecuniary aspirations of vast capitalistic, trans-national corporations and the power dreams of their security-obsessed government toadies.

The ubiquitous presence of cell phones has fostered a world-wide sub-culture of (mostly) young people who consider it normal and essential to be able to make contact with others at any moment of the day or night, from any place on earth. This has nothing to do with safety or business; this is about obsessive trivial conversation on a global basis.

Watching a young person with a cell phone in his or her hand brings to mind the nicotine addict: the obsessive flicking open and shut to test for the very latest message, the fidgety hand flicks and insouciant fiddling that is part and parcel of cigarette smoking, the constant presence of the addictive substance at all times of day or night. One of these days, I expect to see a cell phone rolled up in the tee-shirt sleeve of a DA'd hot-rodder.

Cell phones are the embodiment of human hypermobility, annihilating space and time, creating a communications nether world that exists outside of natural cycles and limitations in the non-cell phone world, that is, that part of the world on which human busyness is ultimately and inseparably dependent. Cell phones create and foster the impression that humans can have whatever humans want, whenever humans want it, regardless of natural limitations on species growth and resource exploitation.

Cell phones are the outer symbol and one of the inner working mechanisms of the cancer of unlimited human growth.

It is impossible to build a human society in harmony with all other life on this planet if we continue to unquestioningly develop and adopt new technologies with no thought to their cultural and environmental consequences. The cell phone industry was not built so that children and stranded motorists could lead a safe and trouble-free life. It was built to make trillions of dollars of profit for capitalists throughout the world, regardless of any environmental or social ills that it creates.

The question is not, "Do environmentalists use cell phones?" The question is, "Do those who are aware unquestionably use technologies that create social and environmental harm?"

And the ultimate question is, "When do we say, 'Enough!'"