Sunday, May 06, 2007

Moving On

It's been some time since last I laid fingers to keyboard for this blog. Call it sloth, indolence, ennui.

It seems that Things can't get any worse, and they always do. The Circus in Washington, DC continues apace. No surprises there; 'twas ever thus. Human beings by the score die daily in Iraq, their ethnic origins obscured in death and dismemberment.

The Oval One seems to have sunk back into his cartoon exterior, riding out the inevitable decline to the next election. The Democrats may indeed take the next election, but then, what difference does it make. They're both charter members of the Money Party, no threat of Democracy suddenly overtaking them and putting the people back into power in this country.

The powerful fall, and they fail hard, if quickly. Others rise to take their place, interchangeable parts in a failing machine.

Meanwhile, on the local front, Things seem to be getting better, albeit slowly and with much dragging of feet. Deep furrows are plowed into the carpets of the local planning bodies as we drag them out of the 20th Century and into the new world of finite resources and climate change. Thanks to unswerving dedication to local organizing by the few, Progress is made.

Here on the Pacific Plate, Life is Just Right! I don't know why everyone doesn't live here, and I'm glad they don't. There's something to be said for astronomical housing prices and no manufacturing base. Just as congestion is our friend on the hiway, so too inflated house prices keep growth at bay.


Meanwhile, there's mourning doves to watch on the nest, cormorants to appreciate, waves to count, pelicans to admire.

Life goes on.

Leona Gulch
Pacific Plate

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  1. Jack Burns7:21 AM

    What about progress?

    Doesn't sound like you have much growth out there, and you know, if you ain't growin', you're dyin'.

    So much wasted opportunity out there, too. You have that whole coastline leading up to Pescadero that could be developed into condos, hotels and casinos. Think of the jobs that would create.

    Seriously, I'd keep quiet about how nice things are out there. If you don't, folks might catch on and start moving there. Then you get all the crap that comes with it.

    Fight the good fight, friend.