Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Will it ever end?

I've been doing this for 40 years now, and I got started late! I didn't get to protest the invasion of Korea, or World War II or World War I.

When do we tell the Evil Ones in Washington that we don't want their filthy wars anymore, ever? Just take your damned imperialism under one arm and your fascism under the other arm and go to some quiet desert away from everyone else and pound sand!

We can't seem to accomplish anything politically. Even now, when the Invasion of Iraq has gone on longer than any other war other than Vietnam, even now, there is no real alternative to the imperialists now in power. The Democrats are merely Republicans Light, buying in to the war with every breath, never standing up and saying, loudly, with four-part harmony and feeling, "Hell no! We don't want your fucking war!"

There's something terribly lethal in the combination of a capitalist economy and a representative republic with a strong central government. The ideal is democracy, but that ideal has been guarded against since its inception, by the people who lose out when the people control their own affairs. When the political system is beholden to monied interests to keep itself going, a la our system of corporate bribery, the people will never have a say in the affairs of their own government.

It's easy to say, we need to make a change, but the process of change is embedded in the system that needs to be changed, so their is no avenue for change within the legitimate system.

Perhaps it will implode and become so pervasively corrupt that the people will eventually turn their backs on Washington and fend for themselves. That would require a lot of people with far more self-reliance and gumption than is evident now.

As the gentle grasses grow, we push from underneath; patient, unrelenting, powerful.


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  1. Jack Burns5:34 AM

    It's really sad. I heard someone say yesterday that the way to change things in the United States is through the political process. He was supposedly a progressive.

    I think he needs to wake up!