Monday, May 15, 2006

Cell phone wiretaps

Next revelation will be cell phone wiretaps
Secret Gov't Source Tells ABC News: "Get New Cellphones"

No need to wait or get in line, cell phone "wiretaps are already here. The government (not my government) admits that they are already monitoring journalists cell phone calls to find out their "secret" sources. That means that the government (not my government) is already monitoring and/or tracking your cell phone calls. Not mine. I don't have a cell phone. Never have. Wouldn't have one if someone gave it to me. Especially if someone gave it to me!

Next is email and web site monitoring, if it's not already here, which it is. There are no secrets.

Good! Let's give them something to think about! Let's let them know, on our telephones, on your cell phones, in our emails, detailed in web site visits, that we think they're all a bunch of bottom-dwelling, scum-sucking maggots (apologies to incipient blow flies); that we'd appreciate it if they'd all go take a long walk off a short pier; that if Democrats had any balls, they would have already impeached the bastards and gotten their sorry asses (and mules) out of Washington, that great national asylum for the criminally helpless.

Lets get some real democracy going in the United States for a change, maybe for the first time ever. We've got all these computers and cell phones, and PDAs and other assorted electronic jiggery-pokery lying about the place. Let's put it to good use for once. Let's communicate with the scum-bags in Washington, DC and tell them what we really feel. Let's talk it up among ourselves while we still can, and let's set up new communications connections so we can keep talking when the bastards shut down the internet and email and cell phones to try to keep us suppressed and quiescent.

They ain't seen nothing yet. There's a bunch of people in this country who're getting royally pissed-off with the ninnies and feebs slouching about the Oval Office these days, and with the Oval One hisself. Yes, we can't help it. The Village Idiot was especially chosen for this job, based on the model of LBJ, with none of the innate intelligence and yokel smarts that Lynden had. Yes, he was a paranoid bastard, a cheat and philanderer, but he was an intelligent human being, at least before 1965. The present Resident can claim no such earthy honors.

It's time to throw the rabble out, muck out the shit from the White Horse Stables, and start all over again. Democrats? Who is worthy to step forward and fill the shoes of the Kennedys? Republicans? No one worthy of donning the elephant suit, except maybe Pete McClosky and he looked mighty tired to me at the fund raiser Saturday night. Dennis Kucinich? Now there's an intelligent man, perhaps too intelligent to take on the Presidency in these waning days of empire. I hope he'll run, at least, and breathe some fresh air in US politics.

Get busy, dial those cell phones, send those emails. We got a heap o' work to do.