Saturday, November 25, 2006

Say no to Segway!

Congratulations to the folks of Campbell!

At least someone around here has sense enough to see the idiocy of this unneeded, unwanted and totally frivolous bit of technological excess. The only people who want them, besides those who profit from their sales, are those with more disposable money than brains.

Human-powered vehicles are all that's necessary, if anything other than feet, for local human transportation. We move ourselves at a human pace, enjoying the immediate surroundings unpolluted by carbon oxides, airborn particulates and spent batteries. Life moves too swiftly as it is; who needs to make it go faster?

Let's gather up all the speed for speed's sake folks and lock them up in a container with the growth for growth-sakers and ship it off to a deserted island somewhere, if there are any left on this poor, overbuilt planet. Let 'em chase each other around the beach at high speed as they overpopulate their own island home.

Within walking distance of Twin Lakes Beach
Pacific Plate


  1. I mistakingly deleted this comment from Jack Burns instead of posting it. My apologies to all:

    Those are the dumbest contraptions. Haven't seen any in my community...hope I never will. Growth sakers? I like that. Growth sakers and life takers. That's American!

  2. I have heard it said that haste if violence and I spent a long time trying to wrap my brain around that one and it seems to me that it is absolutely true, if indirectly. The faster we go, the more has to die.

    Speed kills.