Monday, October 16, 2006

US Government Spreads Propaganda - in the US!

The CENTCOM email to bloggers

This is obviously a program designed to spread government propaganda to the citizens of the United States, a clear violation of federal law.

Since 1951, Congress has included a provision in the general government appropriations act which states the following: “No part of any appropriation contained in this or any other Act shall be used for publicity or propaganda purposes within the United States not heretofore authorized by Congress.” [Section 624 of P.L. 108-447]

In addition to paying "journalists" to author feel good, pro-US propganda pieces to air on US television, now the government is trying to steer bloggers and blog readers to their pro-Global War On Terror (GWOT) web site.

The War on Terror is as bogus as the War on Drugs. Terror is not a country, a continent or even a discrete ideology. One can no more declare war on terror than one can declare war on halitosis.

The War on Terror is an attempt to distract public attention from the true agenda of those now (temporarily) in control of the United States government; that is, world-wide imperialist subjugation of all nations and geographic regions that have significant reserves of oil. At the same time, the government is organized to favor large corporations that have contributed to Republican Party candidates for government office, and to create a world political and economic climate favorable to US corporate interests.

We are not fooled by the glitzy TV spots, the unending lies, the grand jingoistic panoply. The Global War on Terror is a lie, and the liars should be impeached and run out of our nation's capital on the nearest splintery rail.

If you are a blogger, don't allow comments from CENTCOM to appear on your blog, as their intention is to draw your readers to their propaganda site.

Delete 'em, send them off to the great boot camp in the sky, pour 'em down the porcelain parkway. Zero tolerance for the GWOT!

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