Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Theocons Are Coming!

What we call civlization these days is threatened by the twin realities of global climate change and peak oil. No need to talk about these here; you can read about it in the archives or over at Hayduke Speaks. As bad as the future looks, from a civilized point of view, it seems like something we can weather in the long run. If not in our SUVs and McMansions, at least in our modest homes and gardens, pony carriages and on our own two feet.

It's going to be harder to get there from here, for a while, due primarily to one thing: reactionary human desire to maintain control. It's called Theoconservatism by some. I'm just studying up on it now. It's one important factor that's holding us back from cutting greenhouse gas emissions, getting off the oil tit for good and putting a stop to the human species' prediliction to pound each other back to the stone age. Hmmmm, maybe that's not such a bad idea after all...

The Theocons are led by a couple of religious radicals from the 60s who've gone over to the Dark Side; that'd be the Republicans. They're convinced, and they're convincing others that the united States should be a theocracy, run on religious principles, and that life in this country should be regulated according to Biblical doctrine.

This wouldn't be so scary if it weren't for the fact the 90% of the people in the uS believe in a God, and 50% of them are evangelical, fundamentalists who are working toward Armageddon in the Middle East.

This also means that the country is "led" (controlled) by people who choose not to think rationally, who look to a supreme central authority for guidance, and who believe that a book is the literal word of a supernatural being.

It's no wonder that Bush & Co. have yet to be impeached and run out of town on a splintery rail. Most of the people in this country don't question anything they do, because Bush is one of them! They been taught to believe in the supremacy of the central authority, to give over their lives to the image of a mythical being and to never question the word of theior authority figures. So whatever Bush says, no matter how inane, irrational and demonstrably false, it is, almost literally, gospel.

I constantly rail on about the ninnies and feebs, the sycophants, the toadies, the just plain stupid and the idiots, and they're not just politicians. They're everywhere! They're the majority! And they like each other, and they find comfort in their own company and they want the whole country to be just like them.

Where do we rational, thinking people get to hang out together? What social club can we rub elbows in, listen to uplifting speeches and have intelligent, rational conversations with others of like mind? How do we bring together the intellectual 10% in a country overrun by the unthinking 90%?

Wait! I have an idea! Let's meet on Sunday morning while they're all in church!


  1. We hang out in pubs discussing the whole mess over a pint or two. Or three, depending on how bad the news of the day may be.

    There, and in wilderness, what's left of it, around a fire or on some remote slope that's not yet been "improved."

    Sometimes I think we're like the French resistance movement in WW2, working behind the scenes, in the basements, digging tunnels, passing secret messages, developing our own lexicon and signals.

    Social monkeywrenching.

  2. 50% evangelical - really!
    But then in England where the practising religious are in a minority (at least among the indigenous popn)we're ashamed of what general watery craving for spirituality there is, and distract ourselves from life and death by shopping.