Saturday, October 28, 2006

Greg Palast Website Hacked

Apparently, the website maintained for Greg Palast's books and articles,, including his blog, has been hacked and largely removed from the web.

Palast is widely known for his investigative journalism for the Guardian, the Independent, and before Rupert Murdock censored his stories, the Times. His books on the US invasion of the Middle East and his most recent work, Armed Madhouse, have taken on the Bush admininstration, revealing the slimy underworld of US imperialism.

I've no doubt the website will be back up soon. And I have no doubt that the Bushies finally had enough, with Palast's recent Cut and Run editorial, so they took him out, at least in cyberspace.

Keep your head down Greg!

1 comment:

  1. Looks like he's back up....

    One thing I've learned from my own entry into blogsphere is that it's no different than real life. It is real life.

    There are nasty folks out there that want to take you down, take you out, hurt your family and destroy your professional life.

    Most of these actions are rooted in fear, not hate. The fear of any ideas different from their own. The hate comes from the fear.